samadhi creations

Samadhi Creations emerged in 2007 as an innovative business development consultancy. Successful enterprises bear an unmistakable identity that permeates everything that they do. Call it branding. Call it marketing. It sets them apart from their competitors and becomes their DNA.

We can help you develop a creative business strategy that will reinforce your brand and fuel growth. Over the past few years, Samadhi Creations have established itself as a trusted ally of a two multi-million dollar companies, a boutique beach hotel in Nicaragua, as well as a few exciting start-ups.

Whenever specialized expertise needed for implementation we draw on a talented team of seasoned no-bs web developers and programmers and a random assortment of creative professionals; musicians, artists, photographers, and videographers working in both digital and analog realms.

If you are looking for a creative marketing partner that can bring limitless energy and out-of-the-box solutions that helps your business grow, we can help.

Contact Josh Hunter or Eric Segalstad by sending an email to either josh or nord

Samadhi [sum-ah-dhee]

Etymology: sam (together or integrated) a (towards) dha (to get, to hold). Samadhi means to acquire wholeness, integration, or truth. Samadhi is the state of being when consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object.

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